NSN breaks DSL speed record with 825Mbps trial

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has become the latest to announce a new speed record using Phantom DSL, a technology that boosts data speeds on regular copper lines.
 The firm hit 825Mbps over 400 meters of bonded copper lines and 750Mbps on a 500 meter line in tests, and says the technology will be integrated into its DSLAM products.
It says it will showcase the solution at the Broadband World Forum, which opens today in Paris.
Phantom DSL can increase the bandwidth of copper lines by 50%-75% quarters, meaning it can deliver some of the same services as fiber at a lower cost, allowing operators to delay FTTH rollouts.
The technology works by creating a virtual channel to back-up the two physical wires typically used in copper lines, Nokia said.
“[T]he innovative use of technologies such as phantom circuits helps operators provide an efficient last mile connectivity with existing copper wires,” Eduard Scheiterer, head of Nokia Siemens’ broadband access division said.
Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, achieved 300 Mbps over 400 meters in Phantom DSL trials in April, while Huawei hit 700Mbps using SuperMIMO technology and four twisted pairs in September.