Number of W-CDMA devices hits 150%, says GSA

Dozens of manufacturers globally are launching new 3G and W-CDMA devices in record numbers, a survey by the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) found.


The GSA survey said that 272 W-CDMA user devices, from handsets to PC data cards, are now available globally.


This compares with 108 products one year ago, or a growth of over 150%.

A total of 93 devices have been launched since mid-2005, over 50% growth in the last six months.


The number of suppliers who have launched W-CDMA products has almost doubled in 12 months, from 20 to 37 today.


The survey said 80% of W-CDMA devices in the market today are targeted for the global 3G market, compared to 73% six months ago.


This latest figure of 272 W-CDMA devices includes 14 products that support HSDPA for high-speed wireless broadband applications.

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