Nvidia chief backs superphones

Chip maker Nvidia’s boss has hinted that forthcoming mobile devices running its Tegra 2 processor will adopt a new form factor he calls superphones.
Huang Jen-hsun told Taiwanese reporters the market is big enough to accommodate a new breed of devices like Motorola’s Droid X, while revealing that more devices running Nvidia’s dual-core processor will be unveiled in 2011.
He predicted superphones will use the Android operating system and run ARM processors, despite the fact the Droid X runs Tegra 2, Digitimes.com reported.
Multimedia capabilities and web access will also feature, as superphones begin to pick up sales from netbooks.
Huang predicts Android will become the dominant software in tablet PCs in 2011, replicating success in the handset market that has seen it become the top-selling operating system in the US over the past six months.
However, Electronista noted that LG had recently binned development of a tablet running Android 2.2 because the OS wasn’t tablet-ready, and that Deutsche Bank believes iOS is as much as 18 months ahead of the curve.