O2 Germany admits network meltdown; smartphones blamed

O2 Germany has confirmed its mobile network is being overloaded by smartphone traffic in major cities across Germany.

The company said it is dealing with problems caused by excessive smartphone-generated traffic in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Mannheim, but hopes to fix the problem by the end of December.

O2 Germany said the problems are only impacting a few individuals, but a report in Teltarif claims that over 6,000 complaints from O2 users have been registered on this website, where many of O2's customers have lodged problems related to their voice calls being interrupted.

A spokesman for O2 Germany, Albert Fetsch, said the carrier hoped to return to normal operation soon, and promised that the company plans to invest heavily to solve the problems. "We have been overwhelmed by the smartphone boom," conceded the O2 exec.

Any customer experiencing problems is advised to contact the O2 support hotline, said Fetsch, indicating that subscribers impacted by these issues might receive credits.

For more:
- see this Teltariff.de article (translated via Google Translate)
- see this Telecom Paper article (sub. req.)

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