Ofcom sets new UK unbundled local loop prices

Ofcom confirmed the new prices that Openreach, a division within BT Group plc, can charge communication providers for wholesale access to its local loop.

A fully unbundled line, where a communications provider takes over the line to provide broadband and telephone services is now £86.40 up from £81.69.

The price for a shared unbundled line, where a communications provider shares the line with BT only for the provision of broadband  remains the same at £15.60.

Following responses from stakeholders, Ofcom has decided not to set new prices for wholesale line rental (WLR) prices until it has concluded its current wholesale narrowband market review and will publish a further consultation on these prices shortly.  WLR is used by communications providers to offer telephone services to consumers over the BT network.

Ofcom is also setting the basis of charges for unbundled lines for 2010/11.

In the last three years, the number of unbundled lines has increased from 123,000 to 5.84 million in the UK.