Older users take over tablet market

The tablet PC and e-reader markets are swinging away from their traditional sales base of young men towards older consumers and women.
Fresh research by Nielsen reveals a 9% rise in the number of US tablet owners aged 55 years and older between 3Q10 and 2Q11, while the number aged 34 and under fell from 62% to 46% by the recent quarter. There was also a 5% rise in the number of users aged 45 to 54 years, and a 2% increase in those aged 35 to 44 over the same period.
The regular analysis also reveals that women now dominate the e-reader category, accounting for 61% of owners of the devices by end 2Q11 compared to 46% in 3Q10 and 56% in 1Q11. There is also a slow, but steady, rise in the number of women owning tablets, up from 39% in 3Q10 to 42% in 1Q11 and 43% in 2Q.
Smartphone ownership is evenly split between the genders, Nielsen states, while tablet ownership remains a typically male play despite the change in age group.

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