Oracle sues Google for Java infringement

Oracle is suing Google for copyright and patent infringement over its use of the Java platform within the Android operating system.
In court documents filed in a California court, Oracle alleges Google was aware of its patent infringements since around “the middle of this decade” when it hired Sun Java engineers to work on Android.
Google “knowingly, directly and repeatedly” infringed Oracle’s Java patents, Oracle spokesperson Karen Tillman said in a brief statement Thursday.
The impending litigation has raised questions about the different approach Oracle will take towards protecting widely used Java software compared to its former owner, Sun Microsystems.
Oracle acquired the highly-prized Java software platform when it bought Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion (€5.7 billion) in 2009. At the time, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison declared it "the single most important software asset we have ever acquired.”
Altimeter Group analyst Ray Wang said Oracle takes “a lot more care in terms of protecting its IP” than Sun did, the Wall Street Journal reported
IDC analyst Will Stofega said Oracle and Google will probably settle the case by agreeing to license each other’s patents Bloomberg reported.