Orange rolls out 3G+ HSDPA service France

A 3G+ HSDPA service has been launched in Lyon, France, for corporate customers by communications company Orange France doubling downlink speeds of up to 7.2Mb/s, reportedly the fastest on any mobile network.

Orange said the launch improves its current range of high-speed mobile offers and confirmed plans to deploy the service in other main cities and towns in France, commencing this summer.

According to Orange, it will provide 71% of the population with 3G+ coverage by the end of 2008; 99% of the population with EDGE coverage; offer 30,000 Orange Wi-Fi hotspots; and over 150 roaming deals for use abroad.

The company offers three mobile phone types compatible with 3G+, which can also be adapted to laptop computers: USB key - Huawei E270; PCMCIA Card - Option GX 301; and the PC Express Card - Huawei E870; all of which are ready to use and install automatically on PC and Mac computers.

Orange claimed 3G+ based on HSDPA and HSUPA are capable of downlink speeds of up to 7.2Mb/s, compared to 3.6Mb/s previously, and uplink speeds of up to 1.4Mb/s.

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