Orange study: Tablet use cannibalising TV viewing and driving m-commerce

The latest Orange Exposure survey of approximately 5,000 customers found that over a third of UK tablet owners use them to watch video-on-demand content. With the vast majority of this activity taking place at home, the result is the cannibalising of PC and TV-based media consumption. Bruce Hoang, group marketing director of the Orange advertising network, told New Media Age that the inclusion of tablet usage habits into the survey indicated that advertisers had to reassess their marketing mix. "Clearly the one-size-fits-all approach for across TV, PC, smartphone and tablet does not work and this also has significant implications for content producers," he added. The study, which was conducted by TNS Research in UK, France, Spain and Poland, said that 50 per cent of tablet owners were more likely to purchase an item using the device as against those who just owned a handset. Tablets were also more popular than smartphones (60 per cent vs. 47 per cent) for mobile commerce transactions, according to the Orange Exposure study. Article