Orange targets business users with SIM-only offer

Orange claims it has a solution for businesses that are facing increasingly difficult times with its new SIM-only tariff. The idea is that businesses can look to reuse existing handsets by inserting an Orange SIM card without the need to sign up to a long term contract.

Orange believes its SIM-only deal provides a more easily understood and cheaper alternative to mobile subscriptions. At the cheapest end of the spectrum the €19-a-month SIM offers 300 free inclusive minutes and 50 texts, with international calling included as standard -- perhaps not much use to a hectic businessman.

Of more interest is the option where Orange is offering to let users share the same tariff. The "Sharer SIM" deal means subscribers simply share the tariff and its minutes and text allocations across multiple lines. This option starts at €75 per month and offers 1,000 inclusive minutes.

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