Orange unveils new digital content and design unit

Orange formed new, 70-person unit to design and manage websites for online and mobile environments. The unit, which will operate independently of France Telecom and will be based in the UK, will relaunch the Orange online web portal as its first assignment.

The new unit, called Orange Digital, will update the Orange portal to include an "On the go" function that enables users to forward stories from their desktop to their mobiles via a text message that links to the content. Orange Digital will also revamp the Orange World mobile site, with the expectation that similar work will be commissioned by Everything Everywhere for T-Mobile UK.

Dominic Collins, who has been hired to run the unit, told New Media Age that the new business unit was focused on multi-screen media consumption. "Orange Digital was set up to act like an agency and provide content design and development services for both online and mobile," he said.

He added that Orange Digital is expert in tailoring websites and enabling content to be delivered to a user based on their profile, such as what mobile they own. "This will help provide greater continuity of content between the separate screens," he said.

Negotiations to launch similar services for other mobile industry players, such as handset manufacturers, are underway, Orange Digital said. The company also expects to announce similar deals with other divisions of the France Telecom Group.

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