Philips, Intel introduce wireless device for medical professionals

Philips Electronics and Intel will launch a wireless handheld device to assist doctors and nurses in recording and storing patient information, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said Philips, one of the world's largest makers of medical equipment, disclosed that device will be used 'to reduce medication errors, positively identify staff and patients, fill out charts, capture vital signs, write up reports and validate blood transfusions, as well as (give) the ability to closely monitor the healing of wounds.'

The company said it believed there was a market for the device, which will allow the medical professionals to relay and store data back to a patient's file on the spot, based on extensive research and interviews with hospital staff, the report said.

A price has not yet been set. A competing product announced last week by Intel and Austin, Texas-based Motion Computing was priced at$2,200, the report said.

Intel spokeswoman Shannon Love said the company viewed healthcare as a 'big opportunity,' but declined to predict a specific sales target for the product, the report further said.