Philips unveils consumer-friendly tech design concepts

Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips Electronics has unveiled innovative product ideas coming from its design laboratories, which are meant to provide "friendlier" high-technology gadgets for consumers, a Reuters report said.

The report said Philips aimed to make these concepts available on store shelves as early as this year.

The ideas, all based on available technology, were aimed at making gadgets easier to use and share among various types of users, the report said.

For instance, "we believe the interactive television we see today is based on the wrong model," Anton Andrews, creative director of Philips' Intuitive Connected Home design research project, was quoted by Reuters as saying.

"It's built on the idea of an individual doing things on a TV he or she would otherwise do on a computer," he said.

The report said Philips was able to show how music enthusiasts could use a standard TV remote control to manage a song library projected as a cluster of stars.

The remote automatically created playlists by choosing one track, and transferred tracks to a portable device with a swipe over the TV, the report said.