Platform and OS differences between US and European mobile app developers

The majority of handset software testing is being conducted on smartphones, according to research from DeviceAnywhere, but Europeans are significantly more likely to test on Nokia devices than Americans.

The company said that smartphone usage accounted for over 60 per cent of testing time in Q2 2010. However the overall proportion of smartphone testing time has not shifted markedly in the last 12 months, with smartphone usage at 58 per cent of testing time in Q3 2009. The overall proportion of smartphone testing time is slightly larger than in the United States, with US developers spending nearly 55 per cent of their time on smartphones in Q2 2010.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Android testing time is on the rise. In Q2 2010, Android was the fourth most tested OS in EU markets, after Symbian, BlackBerry OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

The percentage of time spent on Android devices out of total EU smartphone testing time rose from 1 per cent in Q3 2009 to 4.9 per cent in Q2 2010, a trend that DeviceAnywhere expects to continue as the number of Android handsets rises. Article