Policy on the mobile

Mobile operators can use an integrated Mobile Policy Gateway (MPG) and Policy Server approach to intelligently orchestrate the subscriber experience around network, subscriber, device and application awareness.

If policy can treat the mobile device including smartphones, tablets and machines as both an enforcement point and an application function, it then becomes possible for operators to develop many new use cases, such as network congestion management, application firewalling and security, and many others.

These use cases can help operators move along a continuum focused on cost reduction and network protection as well as more advanced offerings that directly generate revenue and enhance customer experience.

That evolution is particularly important given the mobile-social nature of today’s subscribers and the intricate relationships surrounding each subscriber, as individuals and as members of social networks. Both negative and positive experiences resonate more quickly and more loudly than ever before. Mobile operators have to, therefore, address those issues that disassociate their brands from what is becoming an increasingly intimate and positive mobile experience.