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During the next year, CIOs should pay acute attention to how technologies such as blogging and podcasting will affect their businesses and be ready for innovation with those technologies by their competitors, Gartner analysts said.


Those innovations are driving a second Internet revolution, a time when businesses can't afford to be content that they are simply online, said Mark Raskino, a research fellow at Gartner.

Podcasting and blogging are affecting businesses both internally and externally, he said.


The recommendation to pay attention topped Gartner's annual list of resolutions for CIOs in the coming year.


Around 2000, there were big changes in the way businesses used the Internet, he said.

By 2003, businesses felt they had a handle on the Internet and that they had mastered it. But there are a new wave of technologies along with ones that are maturing that have the potential to cause further disruptions affecting competitiveness, Raskino said.


The innovation is also happening in reverse, as more technologies are delivered to end users and consumers first and businesses second, Raskino said.


Businesses will need to educate themselves before they see the technologies in a competitor's product, said John Mahoney, chief of research for IT management, at Gartner. --IDG News Service