Prototype cellphone gives users fitness check

A new prototype phone from Japan's NTT DoCoMo can take your pulse, check your body fat, time your jogs and tell you if you have bad breath.

An Associated Press report quoted company spokesman Noriaki Tobita as saying that the prototype Wellness mobile phone targets users with busy lives who want a hassle-free way of keeping track of their health,

The phone, unveiled this week at the CEATEC electronics show outside Tokyo, has a built-in motion sensor that detects body movement and calculates how many calories you burn, the Associated Press report said.

It can tell whether you're walking, running, climbing stairs, or resting, and counts the calories accordingly to tally daily totals, Tobita said.

'It's with you wherever you go, like a portable personal trainer,' he said.

DoCoMo, Japan's biggest mobile phone carrier, has not set a release date or price for the Wellness phone and has no immediate plans to sell it overseas.

The Wellness phone, developed by NTT DoCoMo and Mitsubishi Electric, also asks questions to assesses stress levels, and offers advice, the report said.