Qualcomm details M2M chip roadmap

Qualcomm is lining up a range of new chipsets for the machine-to-machine (M2M) market, as it seeks to cash in on growing demand for connectivity from a range of new industry sectors.
The CDMA pioneer is placing its Gobi modem at the heart of its new M2M silicon, which will cover 1X, EV-DO, HSPA and LTE technologies, and is also lining up a range of Snapdragon processors for M2M applications requiring integrated processing and mobile broadband capabilities. Low energy control and monitoring systems will be catered for by new chips from its Atheros affiliate that incorporate WLAN technology.
“Our chipset roadmap provides our customers with a broad set of powerful technologies to fulfill key M2M requirements,” says Kanwalinder Singh, senior vice president of business development at Qualcomm.
Qualcomm is already enjoying success in the M2M market, with vendors releasing 100 cellular and connectivity products based on its silicon to date. The firm hopes to spur future development by providing search functionality to developers, to simplify the process of selecting chipsets and modules best suited to particular M2M devices.

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