Qualcomm files 2 new patent lawsuits against Nokia

Qualcomm filed two lawsuits against Nokia for patent infringement, one week before a key licensing agreement between the two wireless technology companies expires, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said the complaints, the latest salvo in a long-running legal battle, were filed in the Eastern District of Texas' Marshall division and in the Western District of Wisconsin.

Qualcomm said both jurisdictions are known for their speed and expertise at ruling on patent disputes, the report said.

Nokia said the lawsuits are without merit and vowed a vigorous defense, the Associated Press report said.

Qualcomm said Nokia infringed on patents for phones that run on GSM, which is ubiquitous in Europe and accounts for about two-thirds of all mobile phones, the report said.
Patents in the Texas suit apply to the downloading of digital content; patents in the Wisconsin complaint are for speech encoders, it added.

Qualcomm, which collects licensing fees from Nokia and other wireless equipment makers, said the complaints are 'part of a worldwide effort to prevent Nokia from using (its) valuable patented innovations without paying royalties,' the report further said.