Qualcomm loses yet another court battle to Nokia

Qualcomm has lost once more in a patent case against Nokia, with a UK court ruling against Qualcomm's claim to GSM handset technologies.

The UK High Court found that all of Qualcomm's GSM patent assertions were invalid. It said some of the claims to power-saving technologies were valid, but did not apply.

Qualcomm said it would consider seeking an appeal against the ruling.

It is the latest in a series of jousts between the two mobile leaders in courts around the world. Last week the US International Trade Commission (ITC) turned down Qualcomm's appeal against a similar finding over GSM handset patents.

'The UK High Court and US ITC findings are further evidence of Qualcomm overstating its position as an industry innovator and demanding compensation for patents that are not relevant or valid,' said Nokia CFO Rick Simonson.

However, a major case, in which Qualcomm seeks licence fees over W-CDMA technologies, remains outstanding. It has been set down for hearing in a court in Delaware, US.