Qualcomm rolls out universal mobile TV chip

Qualcomm has announced a single-chip universal broadcast modem (UBM) solution supporting three of the world's mobile broadcast standards, according to a Wireless News report.

The report said Qualcomm's UBM solution supported FLO technology, DVB-H, and ISDB-T, creating a common platform that handset manufacturers could leverage to address multiple standards.

"Mobile TV on handsets is gaining momentum in the wireless industry, even as network operators continue to evaluate the various standards available," Mike Concannon, VP of strategic products for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, was quoted as saying.

The Wireless News report said the UBM solution included support for FLO, which was part of the MediaFLO system, DVB-H, and one-segment implementations of ISDB-T to address the needs of network operators in Europe, Asia, North America and elsewhere for the deployment of mobile broadcast services.

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