'Qualcomm is using our patents,' Nokia insists

After Qualcomm refused to accept a $20 million payment from Nokia for royalties on patented Qualcomm technology, Nokia rejected claims by the US company that it does not use Nokia patents, an InfoWorld Daily report said.

The two companies have locked horns over the renewal of Nokia's licensing contract to use Qualcomm patents, which expired last week, the report said.

The InfoWorld report also said Nokia asserts that Qualcomm's contributions to current mobile standards have decreased and that Nokia, as a result, should pay less to license Qualcomm patents.

As part of the negotiations, Nokia has relied on its own patent portfolio, arguing that Qualcomm has as much to lose as Nokia, if not more, if a new contract isn't signed, because Qualcomm would lose the rights to use Nokia's patents, the report said.

In a twist last week, Qualcomm made the assertion that it may not actually be using any Nokia patents, the report further said.

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