Raytheon completes navigation system demo in India

(Space Daily via NewsEdge) Raytheon has successfully completed the preliminary system acceptance test for India's GPS-aided GEO Augmented Navigation-Technology Demonstration System (GAGAN-TDS).

The GAGAN-TDS network monitors GPS signals for errors and then generates correction messages to improve the accuracy of end-users' position solution. During the test period, average accuracy was better than 1m horizontally and only slightly more than 1m vertically, thus surpassing the 7.6m requirement by a significant margin.

The GAGAN-TDS program consists of an Indian Monitor and Control Center in Bangalore, an Indian Land Uplink Station also in Bangalore, and eight Indian Reference Stations distributed throughout India.

Raytheon supplied the subsystems, installed the units in partnership with the Indian Space Research Organization and Airports Authority of India, and then integrated the system through data links provided by ISRO and AAI.

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