Reduced costs for cable installers

Fluke Networks has unveiled the new DTX Compact OTDR for its DTX CableAnalyzer. The DTX Compact OTDR is a full-featured Optical Time Domain Reflectometer module that snaps onto any DTX CableAnalyzer. It adds Extended fiber certification to the company's portfolio of copper and fiber test capabilities.


According to the company, DTX owners can expand into the fiber installation business by adding the DTX Compact OTDR to their DTX CableAnalyzer. They will also enjoy improved profitability because the need for specialized tools is reduced and fewer subcontracts to fiber specialists will be required.


The DTX Compact OTDR shoots and analyzes traces on singlemode and multimode fiber at four wavelengths. The Extended fiber certification complements the DTX CableAnalyzer's ability to perform Basic fiber certification.