Swisscom, Sunrise expect MTR reductions to have minimal impact on 2017 earnings

Ofcom plans to make the 700 MHz band available for mobile broadband services by Q2 2020.

Telefónica Deutschland's CEO highlighted that greater cooperation among mobile network operators will be necessary in future.

Vodafone Egypt agreed to buy licences that will enable it to offer 4G and fixed telecoms services in future.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany -- The pace of 5G standardisation is being accelerated to ensure the arrival of mobile devices from around 2018.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany — Finding a harmonised spectrum band to support 5G services at global level may be a goal that is hard to achieve.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany — Vodafone Group CTO Johan Wibergh warned the industry against over-hyping 5G.

Tele2 will seek to close an acquisition of TDC Sweden by the end of October, after the EC cleared the deal.

Finland’s government said it expects to raise at least €66 million ($74 million) from the sale of 700 MHz frequency licences, as it kicked off the process for…