Reliance pushes subsea to Egypt

India’s Reliance Globalcom has activated its Hawk subsea cable system in Egypt and integrated the system with the Reliance Globalcom Network.

In an announcement, the company said the integration of the Hawk subsea cable system with the Reliance Global Network will enable additional capacity of 20 terabits in the Mediterranean region.

The integration of Hawk will enhance the capability of carrying HD-quality interactive video channels simultaneously, immensely benefiting the broadband users in India and Middle East as it will serve 2.4 billion people in the region connected on the Reliance network, the company said.

The Hawk cable system was initially built to set up the first Mediterranean gateway and hub at Cyprus.

Hawk was further extended to Europe and the US by building a new terrestrial ring connecting London, Paris and Frankfurt and integrating it with Reliance Globalcom’s FA-1 cable system in the Trans-Atlantic region, the company said.

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