Report: Europeans more digitally engaged than ever before

Nearly 60 per cent of mobile users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK (the EU5) owned a smartphone in the three-month average ending December 2012, according to a comScore's report, "2013 Europe Digital Future in Focus." The study noted that, in the EU5 region, Samsung Electronics leads the OEM market with a 32 per cent share, while Google's Android is the smartphone platform of choice for 50 per cent of EU5 smartphone users. Apple was the smartphone manufacturer with the second largest user base and its iOS also ranked as second most popular smartphone operating system. "Advertisers, agencies and media owners need to understand the rising number of multi-platform consumers and the more complex digital ecosystem that has developed over the past years," said comScore's chief advisor for industry relations, Paul Goode. "Insights about key trends and underlying drivers enable clients to manage their digital investments effectively." Release