Report: LBS firms must adopt new business models, and forget Europe

While the location-based services (LBS) platform market will grow 15 per cent by 2016, a new report from ABI Research said that the industry must adopt new business models, move up the value chain, and forget about Western Europe. The market research firm claims that the success of LBS has been hampered by the appearance of off-deck app stores, prolonged delays to caller location mandates and operators' reluctance to invest in their own LBS platforms. The ABI study says that, while GPS penetration has developed rapidly outside the United States, it has yet to achieve levels where operators are convinced there will be a strong ROI. The result, the report said, has been a relatively stagnant market over the last two years. ABI also believes that the Western European operators remain asleep to the opportunity, and are unwilling to invest in LBS, yet are still unsure of how to compete with off-deck application stores. Release