Report: MNOs need to become OTT players

With more than 80 over-the-top (OTT) services being run by telecoms operators, a new study says that operators should stop worrying and grasp the opportunity on offer.

The new report from Disruptive Analysis found that telcos can launch their own Internet-type services in what the firm labels a "Telco-OTT" approach.

"Telecom operators need to go on the attack," said Dean Bubley, the report's author and founder of Disruptive Analysis. "They must exploit the scale and 'viral' adoption of new services by billions of Internet and smartphone users, using similar tactics to the familiar web- or VoIP-type providers. It is no longer enough to rely on slow-moving standards or cumbersome collaborations. Telcos need to act alone, or with specialist technology partners."

Bubley said the Telco-OTT model has its own opportunities and challenges. He maintains that few services are easy to monetise, and experimentation (and sometimes failure) will be required.

But customers want open-Internet services, said Bubley. They like the choice and flexibility, and that this trend is unstoppable. "If telcos are to survive in the long-term, they need to embrace OTT, not fight it. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

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