Report: Multi-device shared data plans available to only 5% of global subscribers

Plans provided by operators to allow users to share large data buckets among several mobile devices are seen as an important customer retention and revenue-generating tactic. However, a new report says such plans are still thin on the ground, particularly in Europe. According to ABI Research, multi-device shared plans are relatively novel with approximately only 5 per cent of mobile subscribers having the option to subscribe to such plans. ABI said it expects more operators to introduce the multi-device plans as a way to stimulate the LTE market. The plans have taken off in the United States, catalysed primarily by Verizon Wireless' Share Everything shared data plan, which new customers must sign up for if they want a subsidised smartphone. The operator now has one-third of its postpaid subscribers on the plans. AT&T Mobility and C Spire Wireless have launched similar plans for consumers in the U.S. market. Release