Report: NFV and SDN spending to reach almost $157B by 2020

Technology Business Research (TBR) forecasts that the NFV and SDN market will grow at a 113.8 per cent CAGR through 2020 to reach nearly $157 billion (€141 billion). The research company noted that early adopters such as AT&T started investing in NFV and SDN in 2014, marking 2014 as the first year of tangible spend on these technologies. The NFV and SDN spend volume is expected to ramp up in 2017, at which time use cases will be more defined and the cost benefits of using the technologies will be more apparent. On average, operators in the U.S. and Europe will drive three quarters of NFV and SDN spend each year through most of the forecast period from 2014 to 2020, with APAC operators ramping up spend in later years. Release