Report: Number of UK LTE users exceeds 6M

There were more than 6 million LTE subscriptions in the UK by the end of March 2014, according to latest estimates by UK regulator Ofcom, which based its figures on numbers published so far by the market's LTE service providers. This is equivalent to approximately 8 per cent of all active mobile subscriptions, and represents a significant increase compared to a year ago when EE, which was the only UK LTE provider at that time, announced that it had 318,000 LTE subscriptions at the end of March 2013. Ofcom also noted in its annual Communications Market Report for 2014 that the four national MNOs have suggested that consumers with LTE subscriptions tend to use more data than 3G users. Data provided to Ofcom by the mobile providers also shows that 73 per cent of UK premises were in areas with LTE coverage from at least one provider in June 2014. Report