Report pinpoints how many app downloads it takes to benefit from the 'ranking effect'

How many downloads do you need to enter the top charts in the major application stores, and how much revenue is required in order to obtain a top spot in the top grossing ranks? A new report from apps performance analyst company Distimo said this all depends on the country an app is downloaded in and even the day of the week. An analysis of app store rankings in May 2013 revealed some insights that could help apps developers better understand how to achieve higher rankings. As Distimo points out, knowing what to expect in terms of downloads and revenues when an app reach a certain rank allows developers to make better-informed investment decisions. In some of its key findings, the report noted that in Japan, an app needs 38 per cent of the downloads that an app needs to obtain a top 25 position in the United States. In the UK, the difference between the U.S. is only 21 per cent. In more emerging markets such as Russia, Mexico and Turkey, the downloads required to obtain a top 25 free position are still well below the amount of downloads required to reach the same position in the U.S. However, in Russia more downloads are required now for a top 25 position than in Germany, on average. This happened for the first time ever in May 2013, Distomo added. Article