Report: Smartphone sales help Google to strengthen its position as world's largest media owner

The rising sales of smartphones and tablets have enabled Google to strengthen its position as the world's largest media owner, with the gap between it and its nearest competitor widening significantly over the past year. According to ZenithOptimedia's new report Top Thirty Global Media Owners 2015, Google is now 136 per cent bigger than the second-largest media owner (Disney), up from 115 per cent a year earlier. It is also bigger than the second-largest and third-largest (Comcast) owners combined. Mobile devices make Google's central search function available to consumers on the move--especially useful for shoppers looking for price comparison--and allows consumers to view content at times and places most convenient for them. This has created new opportunities to target them with display ads. However, the main beneficiary of the transition to mobile has been Facebook, which is the fastest growing in the top 30 media owners. Facebook's media revenues grew 63 per cent over the past year. Report