Report: T-Mobile ekes slight lead over Netherlands rivals in mobile call success

Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile Netherlands business narrowly beat rivals KPN, Vodafone Netherlands and Tele2 Netherlands in terms of voice call success rates, research company Omnitele said.

The Finland-headquartered research company said T-Mobile Netherlands enjoyed a marginal victory over its rivals in real-world tests of voice call success rates conducted during February. T-Mobile achieved a success rate of 99.7 per cent just ahead of KPN and Tele2, which each achieved a success rate of 99.6 per cent. Vodafone ranked in fourth place with a rate of 99 per cent, a figure Omnitele noted was still on par with "good industry standards".

In terms of mobile data services, T-Mobile shared the honours with KPN. Omnitele explained that both operators scored "somewhat higher" than Vodafone and Tele2 in tests covering access to the Web, Facebook and Twitter pages.

However, only a test of the time taken to access YouTube provided any "meaningful difference" between the operators, Omnitele said. The tests showed that it would take a typical KPN user 2.8 seconds to access the site, compared to 3.3 seconds for T-Mobile. Vodafone's network took 3.4 seconds, and Tele2 3.5 seconds.

The research company noted that LTE (4G) coverage was very good for all four operators, though it said Tele2 lags its three rivals slightly. Rural coverage also ranked well -- Omnitele said there was no significant difference when comparing rural 4G coverage to "the whole country average".

Overall, Omnitele said that the customer experience of subscribers based in the Netherlands is "generally on a very good level," and that KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile "have relatively high KPI values compared to any reference markets."

The results are in line with research released by OpenSignal in February that showed the Netherlands led the way in terms of LTE coverage in Europe during the fourth quarter of 2015.

In contrast, the company said that subscribers in Germany, Italy, France and the UK had a much poorer chance of connecting to an LTE network.

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- see this Omnitele announcement
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