Report: Telecoms sector revealed as worst for customer experience in the UK

More people in the UK experience a problem with their telecoms provider (23 per cent) than with any of the 12 other sectors surveyed in a recent report from the Institute of Customer Service. Some 80 per cent of customers who experience a problem report it to organisations, which is considerably higher than the UK average across all sectors (72.7 per cent). Customers want a balance of cost and good service, with 65 per cent of respondents favouring this option. More customers would be happy paying more for the highest levels of service--20 per cent favoured this option while only 15 per cent of respondents were prepared to compromise service to pay less. The UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) reveals the average score for the telecoms sector now stands at 72.2, down 1.1 points since January 2014 compared to the all-sector average fall of 0.8 over the same period. The sector is now 4.1 points lower than the all-sector average of 76.3. Report