Report: Users in emerging markets more willing to pay premium for LTE services

Premium prices for LTE services was the focus of two reports this week, as research by analysts at Citigroup for the Financial Times revealed mixed results for European operators in establishing a price premium over 3G. However, a report from Accenture indicated that users in emerging markets would be willing to pay more. According to Accenture, in mature markets, the willingness to pay extra for LTE is lower (57 per cent of all respondents in these markets), except in Italy (71 per cent) and Finland (70 per cent), while in emerging markets, three-quarters (76 per cent) of mobile data users would pay more for LTE. Significantly, Accenture said nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of all respondents said they would pay additional monthly fees for mobile Internet service that would be 10 times faster than their current connection, indicating that providers' investments in high-speed data networks, such as LTE, could reap benefits. Report