RIM completes India monitoring system

RIM has developed a BlackBerry monitoring solution for the Indian government it says fulfills the nation's surveillance requirements despite still not decrypting corporate e-mails.
The company said it had completed development of an access system for its Messenger and public email services that will allow carriers to meet legal obligations on lawful interception.
RIM stated it was pleased to have completed the solution enable state surveillance of its services before a mutually agreed deadline of January 31, however it reiterated its claims that it cannot apply the solution to its highly-encrypted corporate email service because it doesn’t retain copies of customer’s decryption keys.
It said setting up an email server in India, the suggested solution to the impasse, would not work because the security architecture on its BlackBerry Enterprise Server is identical worldwide.
It is currently unclear whether the government, which had originally demanded complete access, will be satisfied with RIM's partial solution. India has already reportedly rejected at least one of RIM's draft monitoring proposals.
RIM last week revealed it could take 18-24 months to deliver an effective enterprise email monitoring solution.