RIM vows to keep BlackBerry running in the US

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) announced a plan that would let its popular e-mail device to work even if it loses a patent fight in the US, a Reuters report said.

The report said RIM had developed a software that would serve as a workaround to prevent the shutdown of its BlackBerry service.

RIM, meanwhile, was still negotiating with US firm NTP, days before the court hearing for an injunction to halt the BlackBerry services takes place, the report said. The hearing had been set for Feb. 24.

Observers said the legal battle between the two firms was heating up ahead of a hearing that could be the final step before US District Judge James Spencer decides whether or not to impose an injunction granting NTP's request.

Earlier reports said NTP sued RIM for patent infringement in 2002 and won an injunction in 2003 to shut down the US service. That injunction was stayed pending appeals, and the court had issued several rulings since, the report said.