Ring, Ring

You couldn't make it up. The Swedish director of public prosecutions has indicted TeliaSonera's president and CEO, Anders Igel, and the president of TeliaSonera Sweden, Marie Ehrling, on charges of possible bribery. The accusation centers on a customer presentation in Stockholm that was to be rounded off by seats at a performance of 'Mamma Mia', the Abba musical.
In fact, TeliaSonera got wind of the impending charge and cancelled the event. At the end of May, the fingered pair issued a statement, saying 'it is surprising that the [DPP] has decided to go for an indictment in relation to the activity in question, an event which never even took place. Customer events of the type we had planned, where the attendees are also informed about the latest products and services, are a normal occurrence in Swedish business life.'
A couple of years ago, BT of the UK was forced to cancel an invitation to an especially lavish evening at the opera on similar grounds. Most invitees were privately relieved at not having to attend some tedious over-long Italian rant, although many of the journalists invited asked if they could have the equivalent in cash while making jokes about fat ladies, singing.