Roaming regulation unnecessary, GSM group says

European Commission proposals to introduce an additional layer of regulation governing international roaming services, which enable people to use their mobile phones abroad, are unnecessary and may do long-term damage to a key European industry, the GSM Association (GSMA) said.


In a statement, issued to the European Commission, the GSMA pointed out that mobile operators offered roaming services as part of a package of interrelated services, which represented very good value for consumers.


Across Europe, overall retail prices for mobile voice services (including both roaming and domestic services) have fallen at an average of 5% per annum over the past four years.


Data from a sample of key operators suggests that falls in retail roaming tariffs are accelerating, declining by an average of 8% across Europe last year.


The statement further said more regulation would cut across the comprehensive telecom regulatory framework that was already in place in the EU, which enabled national regulators to intervene if necessary.