Rohde & Schwarz, Sequans form WiMAX collaboration

Sequans Communications is collaborating with Rohde & Schwarz to pre-validate Rohde & Schwarz's TS8970 radio conformance test system (RCTT) that the WiMAX Forum will use for Mobile WiMAX Wave 1 and Wave 2 certification testing.


Sequans chips (SQN1110 for Wave 1 and SQN1130 for Wave 2) for WiMAX mobile stations feature the industry's highest throughput and lowest power consumption, the company has said. Sequans' Wave 2 MIMO chip delivers more than 30Mbps throughput while drawing less than 280mW of power in active mode and less than 10mW in idle mode.


The TS8970 is currently undergoing validation testing at the WiMAX Forum validation testing facility.