Romania churns out 1m Nokia phones

Nokia's facility at Jucu, central-western Romania, has already produced 1 million mobile phones in three months since it went live, local media reported.

'This figure represents a great success for us and it should give reason to be proud to all those who supported us in launching our production here,' company manager John Guerry said.

The Nokia facility started production on 11 February. The factory has now around 700 employees. Nokia estimates the number of employees will reach 3,500 the moment the maximum production capacity is reached.

Currently, the factory makes mobile devices for the European markets.

The decision to build a factory in Romania was made public in March, 2007, and was mainly due to a significant increase in volume recorded by Nokia worldwide as well as to the increased demand in mobile devices on the European, Middle East and Asian markets.

The construction works at the factory started in July 2007, with the first stage completed in a record time of seven months. The second stages of the construction will be completed by the end of the summer.