Rostelecom replaces CEO with Dalsvyaz boss

Russian long-distance operator Rostelecom is replacing CEO Konstantin Solodukhin with the CEO of its affiliate Dalsvyaz, Dow Jones Newswires reports.

Rostelecom and Dalsvyaz are units of Svyazinvest, the state-controlled holding company that owns most of Russia's telecoms infrastructure. Dalsvyaz operates the fixed line telecoms network in the east of Russia.

Solodukhin was appointed as CEO at the end of 2007 with a two-year contract. Rostelecom isn’t commenting on Solodukhin’s early departure.

His replacement, Anton Kolpakov has run Dalsvyaz  since 2007 and has now agreed a two year contract with Rostelecom. His appointment was approved by the company's board yesterday.

The Russian government is finally restructuring Svyazinvest after much dithering. One of the options on the table is for Rostelecom to take over the other units.