Rumour mill: Nokia's Comes with Music, Films and Games

Unlimited music downloads have scored a considerable hit since their launch earlier this year. Wanting to build on this success, Nokia is thought to be putting together an unlimited download package of movies and N-Gage titles that could be launched during the first half of 2009.

Whilst unlimited downloads of games might not set Nokia's world alight--given the tough year the mobile games industry has experienced--when the same concept is applied to movies consumer interest could be sparked. One potential video provider, Disney, has commented that their content would be perfect for a bundled subscription offer.

Prior to any of this happening, it would appear Nokia will need to improve the quality of its Comes with Music handsets, in particular the 5610 XpressMusic cellphone which has temporarily been withdrawn from sale by T-Mobile. The operator said that some of the phones had a defective component that may cause the LED display to malfunction. Nokia has yet to publicly confirm there is a problem.

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