Russia starts first large-scale NGN project

Chinese network equipment maker Huawei Technologies announced that it has built the first large-scale next generation network (NGN) toll communication network with TransTeleCom in Russia.

The firm in a statement said the IP network will carry TransTeleCom's subscribers' international and national voice traffic.

The first ever country-wide Russian NGN network spans nine time zones from Europe to Asia, covering an area of 170,055,000

At present, TransTeleCom has built seven national toll call offices and four international toll call offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and six other cities.

The newly built NGN interoperates with the original network and retains all the services of the original network. The SIP technology integrated in Huawei's NGN solution also enables TransTeleCom to provide end-users with even more multimedia services.

Huawei's NGN solution optimizes the network structure by separating the call control layer from the bearer layer. With the uniform platform for network management and service deployment, it enables centralized network management, as well as allowing TransTeleCom to quickly deploy new services.