Sainsbury's to close mobile service next year; Poland raises six times target from spectrum auction

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> Telefonica was fined €5 million ($5.7 million) for failing to comply with regulations on renting broadband connections to competitors. Reuters article

> UK supermarket Sainsbury's will close its mobile service, which is hosted by Vodafone UK. Sainsbury's statement

> Poland raised PLN9.23 billion (€2.1 billion/$2.5 billion) from its auction of 4G spectrum, more than six times the initial target. Reuters article

> Swisscom and Coop plan to launch a joint online marketplace in 2016 after gaining approval from ComCo, the Swiss Competition Commission. Swisscom release

> Safaricom continues to dominate the mobile market in Kenya, taking more than 90 per cent of revenue in areas such as voice calls and text messaging according to data from the regulator. Reuters article

And finally...Selfies can be fatal. BBC News article