Samsung, Apple drop patent suits; SFR acquisition pushes Numericable into the red

> Samsung and Apple dropped smartphone patent lawsuits and countersuits in six European countries as well as Australia, Japan and South Korea, but will fight on in the U.S. Report

> Swisscom recruited singer Tina Turner to promote a smartphone communications app. Release

> Watchmaker Timex unveiled its first smart watch, offering GPS and cellular connectivity, and a display and chipset from Qualcomm. Report

> Bouygues said it has not received a bid for its telecoms unit after speculation that Iliad's T-Mobile US bid could be an elaborate ploy to put pressure on its French rival. Article

> French cable operator Numericable won new customers, but posted a loss in Q2 because of the financing required to buy SFR. Article

And finally…For the bargain hunters among you, a new app called FoodLoop has been designed to alert people when food is being sold off cheaply just before its "best before" date. Get cheap food and reduce waste: what's not to like? Release