Samsung moves into mobile ad exchange

Samsung is moving into the mobile advertising market, in partnership with digital advertising technology company OpenX.

Samsung and OpenX will introduce a new mobile advertising exchange, the Samsung AdHub Market, in the second half. AdHub Market will allow marketers to purchase advertising space from Samsung and app developers in a real-time bidding model.

The exchange will form part of Samsung's AdHub portfolio, which currently concentrates on providing advertising for Samsung's Smart TV IPTV platform.

Samsung has been the driving force behind the success of the Android platform, but here it will be taking on Google and its AdMob service at its own game.

But Samsung archrival Apple's own foray into the mobile advertising space with iAd has been less than a runaway success. The company reportedly slashed iAd rates and reduced the minimum spend last year, after brands proved reluctant to use the service.

Nor will AdHub Market be the only mobile ad platform to have originated from South Korea – SK Telecom launched its own platform, T ad, in July last year.