Samsung not keen Motorola mobile business

Samsung Electronics remains optimistic about its handset sales business in 2008 and is not interested in Motorola's mobile unit, a top Samsung executive,quoted by an Associated Press report, said.

The Associated Press report quoted Choi Gee-sung, president of Samsung's telecommunications division, as sayung during an interview with CNBC that Samsung was not interested in acquiring Motorola's handset business because the South Korean company's handset division already has a strong presence in the US.

'Our market share in the US represents around 20% to 25%,' Choi said. 'We don't need to consider acquisition of any others.'

Choi also said the company expects strong handset sales in 2008 despite growing fears of an economic slowdown, the report said.

Consumers in emerging markets like the Middle East and Eastern Europe, as well as in Korea, China and India, have not been as worried about a recession as people in the US and developed European markets, he said.